Warriors’ Stephen Curry Shares Eye-Opening Take On LeBron James’ Leadership

LeBron James and Stephen Curry have nothing but respect for one another. Both superstars have been making wonders for many years and have the best fanbase. These two have been making stories for a really long time and it looks like they still have something to say. LeBron and Curry are rivals on the basketball court, but this rivalry has actually strengthened their connection. If you are interested in numbers, Curry and LeBron have played against one another in 52 games.

At least one analysts believe that LeBron and Curry will play together at some point. The four-time NBA champion once said that he’d love to join Curry and play on his team. These two could do wonders together! Their greatness is above all, but there is one major difference. LeBron has played on three different teams while Curry doesn’t even think of leaving the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron and Curry respect each other

Curry talked about LeBron’s greatness in the most recent episode of his podcast. He praised his leadership and the fact that LeBron is actually trying to make everyone happy.

“Everybody just talked about his ability to lift those around him… I heard he’s like a light-hearted type of guy. Always wants to have fun… Maybe we’ll get that, not in the NBA, but maybe on a team USA-type vibe.”

LeBron is trying to add another ring to his portfolio and so is Curry. The Warriors icon has won 29 games against LeBron. King James has won 23. We have a few good reasons to believe that these numbers will change in the next couple of seasons. Seeing LeBron and Curry meet in the postseason is a dream come true for every NBA fan.

The Lakers haven’t made the NBA Finals since the bubble win in 2020. LeBron and his teammates are doing their best to change this and regain full control in the NBA.