Cavs’ Might Have a Chance to Keep LeBron James, After Lakers Blew Their Chances Of Signing Him

James LeBron may soon become a free agent, and he already has a bunch of suitors watching his back. Fans believe that the Los Angeles Lakers may convince LeBron to sign a contract for their team. But, are they the real destination for the great NBA star?

It turns out that the LA Lakers don’t have many chances of signing LeBron, and the whole thing is somehow associated with Paul George.

The Oklahoma City Thunder believe they can re-sign the star, meaning that the Lakers will stay empty-handed.
Sam Amick has more details about LeBron’s future decision.

“Even with the Thunder coming just two losses away from missing the playoffs, and then falling to Utah in six games during their first-round matchup, there is all sorts of optimism in Oklahoma City that George will re-sign. Conversely, there’s pessimism in James’ camp that George would leave Oklahoma City. George has raved about the Thunder since the beginning, making it clear to USA TODAY Sports in September that the organization had earned his confidence from the start. But if George does indeed stay, that would be widely considered a big blow to the Lakers’ chances of landing James,” he wrote.

Is there any possibility that the LA Lakers land both James and George? Well, they may be left without both stars. This could change everything in the Lakers’ game, but that’s something they don’t even think of at the moment.

The NBA free agency will start off within a week, on July 1. This means that the Big LeBron will have to make a decision, and announce it. Will he opt for free agency? Or will the Lakers attract his attention? The NBA star will have the final word, and it will be a decision that fits best his requirement. LeBron James has a lot to offer, and many suitors would like to get some of it.

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