Jalen Rose Believes LeBron James Will Sign One-And-One Deal With This Team

Everybody is waiting for June 29, as this is the day for LeBron James to make his next move. His final decision regarding the free-agency possibility is shaking the social media, and fans are already guessing his word. Jalen Rose expressed an opinion, too.

So, the NBA star will have to make a decision whether he will take the $35 million contract option offered by the Cleveland Cavaliers. There’s also a possibility that LeBron becomes an unrestricted free agent in July. Does Jalen Rose agree with this?

If LeBron becomes a free agent, teams will fight over his services. The Los Angeles Lakers still hope to sign him, and the same applies to the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers.

Although LeBron is interested in roaming as free agent, he didn’t agree to attend any of the recruiting pitches. The star is just not in the mood of sitting through those elaborate presentations from his suitors. Does this mean that he has made up his mind?

Jalen Rose told Mike Greenberg and Michelle Beadle that this report doesn’t mean a thing. However, he really believes that James will opt out and sign a one-and-one deal with the Cavaliers.

“Don’t read into this at all. And the fascinating thing for me is how sometimes career arcs pass like ships in the night. We are talking about Carmelo Anthony accepting his option — which the team really wished he wouldn’t do — for $29 million, and LeBron James declining an option for $35 million, which the team would do anything to get him to stay with them. And they were drafted in the same year. How ’bout that?” Rose said.

“So for LeBron James, I think he ultimately does a one-and-one deal. In Cleveland. And he stays with the Cavs for one more season and we’re having this exact same conversation this time next year,” he added.

Is he right?

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