LeBron James Makes Final Contract Decision With Cavs

We were so excited to hear from LeBron James, and yes, he finally said it. The big NBA star will take the same pathway as other players. We all remember how the star signed his contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2006. The Miami Heat had his full attention four years later. It took four years for LeBron to go back to the Cavs. So, he is making the first step now, and he is in for something new.

As confirmed by Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com, James will opt out of the final year of his contract, which makes him a free agent. There you go. The big LeBron will be an unrestricted free agent in July.

“LeBron James’ agent informed the Cavs he will not exercise his $35.6 million option and thus will become an unrestricted free agent, sources told @clevelanddotcom … Story coming,” Joe Vardon tweeted.

Suitors can easily get to James now, and convince him to join their team. It would be nice to meet LeBron and bring him in the tram, right.

James’ decision may not be convenient for every team. Given that he will become a free agent, James will have the option to choose between teams, and he won’t have much choice. The free agency has actually narrowed the number of teams that are able to pursue him.

The Houston Rockets really hoped that James will opt into the final year of the contract, and eventually force a trade of any team. That’s how the Rockets acquired Chris Paul last offseason. If James opted into the final year of the contract, he would have been traded like other players, and this affects the players’ salaries.

The free agency decision crippled many teams interested in James. Of course, we’re discussing about the teams that are above the salary cap. The Cavs may take a breath, but they will have to watch out for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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