LeBron Spotted at Los Angeles Airport With Major Luggage

LeBron James is a free agent now, and everyone is buzzing over the possibility that he heads to Los Angeles. Oh, wait… King James was actually spotted in LA with a huge luggage behind his back.

The free agency decision was enough to sparkle the rumor about LeBron’s moving to LA. LeBron opted out of the final year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and many thought that he’d re-sign with the Cavs. But, it seems like King James has other plans.

We were really surprised to hear that LeBron may go to Los Angeles. Alone. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George won’t go there. Well, we don’t have much info on their next move, but nothing can deny the fact that LeBron arrived at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. His luggage suggests that he may be staying there for quite a long time.

Let’s wait for an official confirmation. Before you make any conclusions, try not to forget that the NBA star has two homes in Los Angeles. It’s more than clear that the media will turn this photo into a massive story. We won’t miss a detail, it’s a promise. It would be funny to see all those reporters waiting in front of his homes, hoping to get exclusive first-hand info.

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