Major News On The Second Season Of Tom vs Time Has Been Released

Tom Brady is the ultimate quarterback, and the New England Patriots are proud to have him. The quarterback took the leading position in the NFL’s Top 100, and that’s quite an honor, right? So, this time Brady decided to get closer to people, and gave us a full season of his Tom vs. Time series. Will he go any further? I don’t think so.

The director of the documentary series, Gotham Chopra said that there’s no plan regarding the possibility of making a second season. It’s all about Tom and his tight schedule.

“I think, for us, there never was a real consideration. It was great, and it was unique timing last year in terms of things going on, you know, with Tom turning 40 and the [Patriots] season, and then it kind of just — except for the final score — worked out perfectly. It was just the perfect storm. I think we all really enjoyed it, but also didn’t feel like there was any need to do it again,” Chopra said.

Tom vs. Time was quite a hit back then, and it had at least 7 million viewers checking up on the episodes. The premier had 12 million! Fans and viewers in general were able to look closer into Brady’s private life, his family, and the game.

We could see him doing his dad and husband thing. There were shots of his game, and the preparations for each match. It was a wonderful experience, but there’s no need to go all over it again. We’ve seed enough, and that will do it. There’s really no need of watching it all over again. Brady sure won’t change his routine in the meantime, right? He’s still the best player, and the most amazing husband we’ve ever seen. So caring and king. Gisele and his kids are happy to have him.

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