Max Kellerman Believes LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard Should Join Forces On This Team

The free-agency period is getting closer, and we still wait for LeBron James to make a decision. Suitors hope to attract his attention, but LeBron doesn’t even try to field any of the recruitment pitches he was offered. Some say that LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard may join their forces in the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Max Kellerman has something else to say.

NBA experts believe that Leonard will play for his hometown team, adding that LeBron will also sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kellerman, on the other hand, believes that the duo would do better with the San Antonio Spurs.
He made the comments during Wednesday’s episode of “First Take” on ESPN.

That would be a nice idea. The stars could do some great things together, and they will sure achieve great results. LeBron is an excellent player, and so is Kawhi.

Fans are convinced that the duo could do just fine with the rest of the team and head coach Gregg Popovich.

But, let’s waif for James LeBron to make his decision. Maybe he will head for Los Angeles after all. Maybe he will stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. What works best for his career? Let’s wait and see. He’s not after dollars. He’s in love with the rings.

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