Players That Are Going To Get Screwed Over In NBA Free Agency

Free agency may sound good to LeBron James and his fellow superstars, but this scenario doesn’t work for some NBA players. The 2018 NBA free agency is right around the corner, and we have a detailed list of eight players who won’t make it as free agents.

Sources reveal that this year, everyone is getting screwed. Simple as that. Let’s compare this summer’s free agency to the one in 2016.

There’s not enough money, because most owners spent too much in the past two years. Can you believe that top players who used to chose between offers and eight-figure salaries are now fighting to get the average? For some players, the taxpayer’s mid-level exception of $5.3 million is a luxury. When did things become this bad?

We can’t feel sorry for free agents who went on their own and decided to turn down good offers. Being a free agent is quite a challenge now, and only the big fish survive. What kind of a person do you have to be to turn down a reasonable offer? The 2018 free agency would throw many players out of the game, as the weather is too dry here.
Other players just couldn’t get a piece of the cake, due to their injuries, changing trends and even bad timing. They will be left with the small offers.

Let’s go through the list of ‘screwed’ players:

1. Avery Bradley, SG, Unrestricted, Los Angeles Clippers
2. Jabari Parker, F, Restricted, Milwaukee Bucks
3. Will Barton, SG, Unrestricted, Denver Nuggets
4. Deandre Jordan, C, Player Option, Los Angeles Clippers
5. J.J. Redick, G, Unrestricted, Philadelphia 76ers
6. Demarcus Cousins, C, Unrestricted, New Orleans Pelicans
7. Chris Paul, PG, Unrestricted, Houston Rockets
8. LeBron James, F, Player Option, Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron won’t get some nice money and a surefire title-favorite status at the same time. He has already made his decision.

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