Report: LeBron James Announces Change In His Playing Position

LeBron James is an excellent scorer and top play-maker. The Cleveland Cavaliers are doing pretty fine in every game, and things will go in the right direction as long as the big LeBron has the ball in his hands.

The NBA star went forward with the ball in his hands, and now the future Hall-of-Fame needs a change. Here’s what ESPN’s Doris Burke has to say about LeBron:

“I was told LeBron wants to get off the ball more in the future. he doesn’t necessarily want to function full-time as that point forward,” Burke said.

LeBron leads the game pretty good, and ball-dominant players like Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball could be an issue.
The pairing of James and Simmons would be more like a trouble, because they’re both going after the ball in the offence. However, James may relinquish his man role as a primary ball-handler, meaning that he could actually join the Sixers and the Lakers.

Fans support the scenario. It’s quite possible that LeBron joins the young Sixers team led by Simmons and Joel Embiid.

Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum had a debut episode of his podcast Pull Up with CJ McCollum, and used the occasion to talk about this possibility.

“He’s always calculated about his decision-making process going back to his youth. Ben [Simmons] is his young guy. Ben is a member of Klutch Sports, so that also could play a factor. Philly is in the Eastern Conference. LeBron has been fond of the Eastern Conference throughout his career on what seems to be his EZ-Pass to the Finals. I think it’s a bigger possibility than people think,” McCollum said.

James may choose to lighten his load and prolong his career. He may end up playing with another elite play-maker team after all. That may be a wise move, who knows…


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