REPORT: LeBron James Would Consider Going to LA ‘Solo’?

LeBron James will become a free agent, and he will definitely dominate the season. That’s the first thing that popped in our mind after learning that James will opt out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. How about the Los Angeles Lakers?

Fans were convinced that LeBron will stay with the Cavaliers, so this decision was more like a surprise to us all. The question is next – Where will he go now? The Los Angeles Lakers could easily attract his attention. Some say that even the Rockets could land him.

Landing Paul George could be one of the reasons for LeBron to fly to Los Angeles. However, latest rumor suggests that James may go to without any major name. In fact, people are actually convinced that he will fly to LA solo.
“Of all the things that could happen with LeBron I didn’t think going to LA solo was a possibility, but more and more people are saying it could happen,” Ryen Russillo tweeted.

This is pretty different than any other free agency decision made by James. He was always accompanied with at least two superstars. So, the game will be slightly different this time.

We’re surprised to learn this, because LeBron actually contacted Kevin Durant to team up in LA. Is Los Angeles the only option for King James?


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