Report: New Security Around LeBron’s Home… ‘Bad Things Could Come At Any Moment’

LeBron James’ final decision is rocking the world of NBA, and everybody is just guessing his decision. Where will the Big LeBron go? Will he join the Los Angeles Lakers. Well, the security in front of his LA home may indicate that he’s about to make a decision.

It’s more than expected that LeBron will not opt in his contract. LeBron will probably become an unrestricted free agent. Will he re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers? LeBron has every right to ask for whatever he thinks fits his criteria. Fans believe that he will leave the organizations, and head in an unknown direction. Is this the reason for all the security out there?

The reports about this security thing are adding fuel to the fire.

“Security cameras being set up in front of LeBron’s Los Angeles home today so that the home can also be monitored by police in his current hometown of Bath, Ohio. Perhaps announcement not far off,” Sam Amico tweeted.

We will see a lot of action in front of James’ homes. There will be a lot of fans, police and reporters. We really hope that the police will cover every area, and make sure that everything is just fine.

Fans encourage everyone to calm down, and let LeBron do whatever he wants.

Well, being a celebrity is a hard thing, and LeBron will have to pay more attention. Maybe people will come to their mind, and stop adding pressure. The man has three kids for God’s sake!

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