Tom Brady’s Quack Trainer Releases Statement About Tom Brady

Seth Wickersham made quite a story based on the infighting between the top names in the Patriots organization, but one of its main characters isn’t even part of the organization. He’s a special trainer.

Yes, it’s Alex Guerrero. He is Tom Brady’s personal quack trainer and a person with endless power thanks to his friendship with Brady.

Guerrero was head of the TB12 clinic, located right next to the Patriots’ team facility. It was used as a second training room, and sources say that Brady pushed his teammates to use it. It turns out that this had something to do with the cleaving of Bill Belichick from Brady. For many fans this was the best and the silliest development, regardless of the comments made by Robert Craft, Brady and Belichick.

Brady’s quack trainer used the benefits that come along his friendship with Tom Brady however, Belichick stopped the whole thing earlier this season. He was put in the middle of all events due to his disagreement with Belichick. So, the trainer decided to make a statement, and even set up a Twitter account for this purpose.
First, he addressed Wickersham’s story.

“Over the past few years, many people have tried to paint a picture of who I am. But, none of these pictures has been complete.

I get that many of my beliefs are not mainstream and I know they may differ from others’. But they reflect my experience from over 22 years of practice working with some of the best athletes in the world. I understand that some people may disagree with me about how to treat injuries or how to train in order to maximize potential. I welcome this and think it is normal and healthy in all careers, because it helps everyone learn, grow, and improve,” Guerrero wrote.

He also made a point about his friendship with Brady, and didn’t say anything about Belichick.

“Many of the athletes I have worked with I consider not only clients, but also close friends. One of those is Tom Brady with whom I have a great friendship that I cherish. It is a privilege working alongside someone with his commitment and discipline. Watching Tom succeed as he grows older has been a personal and professional highlight, because I consider seeing players’ and clients’ achievements in their own careers to be the most gratifying part of my work,” Guerrero added.

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