Amazing! LeBron James Plays With Little Sweetheart At Pediatric Cancer Research Fundraiser (Video)

LeBron James is such a good guy. He’s one of the best basketball players that have ever walked on Earth. King James has done so much for the community, and he never walks away from life challenges. Many would agree that he’s a good person with excellent manners.

LeBron left Cleveland at the end of June, and put an end to his game with the Cavaliers. Although some fans didn’t approve this step, Cleveland will always be his home. So, LeBron did many great things during his time with the Cavaliers.


We all remember how he walked the runway with pediatric cancer survivors and fighters. It was the most emotional scene ever, and LeBron won our hearts. It was more than clear that this man is willing to do whatever it takes for those in need, especially children diagnosed with cancer. We never doubted his greatness, and this fashion event was more than just a proof for his awesomeness.


The event took place at the Cavs’ home Quicken Loans Arena. It wasn’t actually a one-time event, and the fundraiser is organized every year. Everyone is having fun, including both kids and the “models.”

King James stopped at one moment and did something that brought tears to our eyes. Cameras caught the whole thing, and it was like magic. The king of basketball found a way to bond with this little girl, and they exchanged a few words. Yes, they even called each other “silly.”

It was a precious bonding, and we will always remember the moment LeBron bowed in front of this cute little angel. These kids deserve all the love in this world, and may God help them in their struggle against the deadly disease. No kid deserves to have cancer, and we really hope that they will all feel better.

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