Brandin Cooks Releases Huge Statement About Tom Brady’s Career

It’s more than clear that Tom Brady is the most successful player in the entire NFL history. The quarterback has done so much for his team, and the New England Patriots are proud of him. So is Brandin Cooks. He has strong feelings about the best player in the League.

“It would be insane if he’s not No.1. Let’s just say that,” Brandin Cooks said during his interview with NFL Network based on the reactions to this year’s Top 100.

Brady has good words for Cooks, too. He spoke highly of him before the trading deal with the Los Angeles Rams.
“He’s just done such a great job, and I just can’t say enough good things about him and his work ethic and his ability and his character and his intensity and his attitude. It’s all positive. He’s just fun to be out there with. I’ve played with a lot of great receivers over the years and he just shows up and does everything you ask him to do. I wish I could get him the ball more often. You watch the tape after the game and go, ‘Man, I should’ve worked him on that play,’ … ‘Should’ve got it to him on that one, too.’ He just keeps getting more opportunities because of how well he’s doing with the ones he gets,” Brady said during the press conference in October.

Brady has five career Super Bowl wins and three Super Bowl appearances on his shoulder. He plays better than ever, and Patriots support him. Brady enjoys the support of both owners and sponsors which makes him an absolute favorite.

The Pats quarterback has done so much for the team, and he’s responsible for most of their titles. Who wouldn’t be happy to have such a player in the organization? Go, Brady!

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