Cavs’ GM Breaks Silence On LeBron James’ Leaving

The leaving of LeBron James caused an avalanche of reactions, and Cleveland general manager Koby Altman was pretty grateful for everything he had done for the team. However, it seems like he’s a bit hurt over the destructive departure. This could change everything in the Cavs’ organization.

Altman used an opportunity to talk to a group of reporters in Las Vegas to talk about the emotions he had after James’ departure. Regardless of whether you admit it or not, James LeBron was the greatest basketball player in franchise history who brought the Cavs to four straight NBA Finals and a single NBA championship two years ago.
“When you first get hit with it, there is a level of hurt. You’re hurt because of what you went through for the four years with him and what he meant to us,” Altman said.

“But I was extremely thankful, at the same time. I realize what we accomplished this year and the last four years, and we did a lot. I mean, it was four incredible years led by him, and I’m very thankful for the years he gave our team, this organization, the city. I didn’t know that was going on. At that time, thought we were still in the mix, obviously. I think he was still going through his decision-making process. But found out sort of like you guys found out,” he said.
According to Altman, there’s nothing wrong or right about the things his team did. He believes that LeBron made the decision for himself, adding that the star deserves such privilege.

Well, we can’t do anything but agree with him. LeBron brought the team so much success, and they can let him make a decision on his own. He sure knows what’s best for him, right? And so do the Lakers.


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