Danny Green Makes Bombshell Locker Room Confession About Kawhi Leonard

Danny Green made quite a statement on Kawhi Leonard’s desire to leave the team. Nobody in the team knew anything about this, and the topic wasn’t opened until the first-round playoff exit.

Leonard Kawhi didn’t think twice before informing the San Antonio Spurs about his desire to be traded in June. This happened months after the first speculation appeared.

The player is disillusioned with the team’s attitude towards the mystery quadriceps injury that kept him away of most games last season. According to some, it was the Spurs doctors that misdiagnosed his problem.

Leonard asked for medical opinion from another expert. Dr. Jonathan Glasgow gave his opinion on Kawhi’s condition. He’s the Sixers chief medical officer.

Things got pretty messy, and Kawhi knew there was no coming back for him.

Danny Green talked about the matter when it was already too late.

“During the season, we didn’t know that. He didn’t express that to us so we thought he was on board, he was rehabbing and trying to get back and be a part of the team. Right now it’s summertime so we’re just going to have to see how it comes. Good thing is it’s happening during the summer, there’s no real distraction, we’re not on the court playing so it’s easier to just ignore it. I could see if it was to prolong and go throughout the season it could be distraction but it’s something I’d have to tell you as it came along, I couldn’t tell you how to handle it or how it would be to if we’re in the locker room with a guy that didn’t want to be there. I’ve never had that experience,” Green said.

“We’ll see what happens this summer, we’ll see if he changes his mind. It will be interesting to see,” he added.

Yes, we better wait and see what happens next.

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