Exclusive: LeBron James’ New “Showtime” Jersey Revealed

In addition to the team landing the best basketball player, the Los Angeles Lakers continue making improvements and will be ushering in a new era with a new look.

Lakers’ new uniforms revealed on Tuesday pay tribute to the team’s “Showtime” era with a modern spin:

However, this is not an exact replica of the “Showtime”-era kits donned by the legendary Magic Johnson-led teams of the 1980s. The most notable details are the return of the two-color striping around the sleeves and collar, the removal of the side-stripes on the ‘Association’ and ‘Icon’ versions, and some changes to the color of the numbers.

But while the most notable callbacks are the return of the rounded neckline and drop-shadow look of the ’80s design, the ‘Statement’ edition of the uniform comes with the addition of a thick black stripe along the sides:

According to NBA.com, the uniforms honor the franchise’s “storied past, while also positioning a fresh direction for the franchise.”

Here’s how they described the new looks:

  • “The Icon edition is the primary color uniform that represents the unique identity and rich heritage of each of the 30 teams in the league, for which the Lakers have adopted their gold jerseys.”
  • “The Association edition pays homage to the NBA, as every team has the traditional white jersey in their collection.”
  • “The Statement edition is inspired by teams’ desire to make a bold statement. The Lakers purple Statement jersey features the addition of a black side panel.”

Whether or not there will be changes in the design of the shorts remains to be seen.

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