Executive Claims Rob Gronkowski Still Available For Trade

Rob Gronkowski was involved in a bunch of incidents, and he also had an injury. Many thought he would put an end to his career, but Gronk seems to have other plans on his mind. Oh, wait… the team has other plans.

According to rumors, the New England Patriots plan to shop Rob Gronkowski this offseason. Others say they already did it. Yes, Gronk was shopped three days before the NFL Draft in April. Four teams are in the game – the Lions, Titans, Texans and 49ers.

The Pats seem to have accepted the idea of trading Gronkowski before their commitment from him to play this season. Gronk made a commitment, and both sides are working on the restructured deal now.

It’s been several months now, and the contract has yet to be signed. An AFC exec said that Gronkowski will be available until the deal is signed.

“Where’s the restructure of his contract? Until that’s done, I think he’s still available. I wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick is going to test Gronk’s buy-in with the contract,” the AFC personnel exec said.

However, it’s more than certain that Belichick is “just testing Gronkowski’s mettle,” as confirmed by three of five general managers. They believe that Gronk will get a new deal, while the other two believe he will keep playing under the current contract.

Let’s see what happens next…

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