How Many Tattoos Does King James Have And The Story Behind Them?

LeBron James is probably the best canvas tattoo artists can get, and oh man, he definitely likes tattoos. Who doesn’t? LeBron knew how to put the things he appreciates in life on his huge body, and we’re in love with them all.

Do you know how many tattoos does LeBron have on his body? 42. Yes, you read that right. His 42 tattoos are awesome, and they all have a background story. His favorite are probably the ones dedicated to his family and the game, of course.

LeBron has tattoos on every part of the body, and we know pretty much a lot about their true meaning.

The “CHOSEN!1” tattoo is placed on his upper back between his shoulders. The Lion Head King James tattoo is on James’ right arm. It went through numerous transformations over the years, and finally became the lion’s head we see today. “King” was added above, and “James” was added below the head before LeBron’s very first season in the NBA. Brutal!

We can see “The Beast” and “Hold my Own” on James’ left arm, with images of flying birds.

The left inside forearm is covered with a tattoo honoring LeBron James Jr. first birthday. Yes, there’s also a portrait.

“330” is tattooed on LeBron’s right forearm. He did it at the beginning of the fourth season, and it’s basically the area code of Akron.

“No one can see through what I am except for the one that made me,” reads the inside of his right forearm. You can also see “Gifted Child” on LeBron’s chest.

The “Witness” tattoo compliments the “History” leg tattoo. It’s tattooed down the right calf, and refers to LeBron’s famous Nike campaign.

LeBron made the “L” and “J” letters during the six day rest of the second round of the 2007 playoffs.

“Gloria” – his mom’s name – is placed right above the lion head.

“KJ1” stands for King James 1.0. and it’s found on the right hand.

“Bryce Maximus” – the name of James’ second son – is tattooed on the left forearm. He put it before joining Team USA’s basketball training camp.

“Family” is tattooed below the right side of the abdomen. “Loyalty” is on the left side.

“What we do in life” is on the right, and “echoes in eternity” is on the left biceps. It’s a quote from Gladiator, LeBron’s favorite movie.

“Akron” is tattooed on LeBron’s right shoulder, and “Est. 1984” is on the left.
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