James Harrison Broke His Silence About The Major Difference Between Tomlin And Belichick

The Steelers all-time career leader James Harrison criticized Mike Tomlin, and was pretty open about it. When was the last time you saw someone criticize their coach? Harrison was under Tomlin for 10 of his 15 NFL seasons.

James Harrison put an end to his career with the New England Patriots, and was released by the Steelers 15 weeks into the season of 2017. He retired in April after winning two Super Bowls and the 2008 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award.

Mike Tomlin is good as head coach. He’s a players coach. I just think he needs to be a little bit more disciplined,” Harrison said.

When asked about details, he said something about Tomlin behaving in a different way with each player. His criteria had been based on the players stature on the team and in the NFL.


“I think it’s easier if you hold everyone accountable because you don’t have to treat anyone differently because of a certain situation or a certain player. [Then] it don’t look like you’re playing favorites,” Harrison added.

According to him, head coach Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in terms of ability to hold players accountable regardless of their stature. Harrison also said he enjoyed during his time with Belichick.

“Playing for [Belichick] is easy. If you’re used to regimen, if you’re used to discipline, it’s not something that’s hard to do. If you’re not, then you’re gonna have some issues until you get in line. Belichick is actually funny. He’s nothing like the guy that you see on the TV. The big thing with Belichick that he’s very regimented. He’s disciplined. Everyone is going to be on the same page. I think, over there, their whole coaching staff is like that. You’re gonna know what you’re doing. I’ve never been in more meetings in my life,” the retired player said.

Harrison didn’t quite accept the fact that Tomlin left him inactive during Pittsburgh’s Week 15 loss to the Pats. He was released for the team, and the Pats signed him.

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