James Harrison Makes Bold Prediction On Tom Brady’s Career

Predictions everywhere. Everybody is trying to guess the retiring spot of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady despite the fact that he’s in the best shape ever. Although his wife Gisele Bundchen wants him retired, Brady has other plans on his mind. Even James Harrison made a prediction on Brady’s retirement.

The 40-year-old quarterback is giving his best to bring the Pats up, and he’s doing a pretty good job here. Brady made three Super Bowl appearances and won two. He also claimed the third MVP award in his career. should we add more? But, this will end at some point, and James Harrison made the prediction.

The quarterback went on Oprah, and said how the end of his Hall of Fame career will be brought to an end at some point. “I think about it more now than I used to. I think I’m seeing that there’s definitely an end coming, sooner rather than later,” Brady told Oprah.

Harrison joined the Pats in the second half of their last season. according to him, Brady takes a good care of his body, and this will actually give him another few years of playing at an elite level.

“Taking care of his body, his method seem to work. Two, three years,” Harrison said.

Well, didn’t Brady say that he will play until 45? But, Harrison focused on the violent game. “I mean it’s a violent game. This is a physical game. Better pray a lot. Gotta stay healthy. That’s a big issue. If he says healthy, yeah [playing to] 45 is easy,” he said.

Fans are still talking about Brady’s absence from the Patriots OTAs. That’s not how quarterbacks work. But, hey, Brady is special, and he knows what’s best for his body.

Nothing will stop him for playing better than ever this season, that’s a sure bet.

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