Jeanie Buss Has Brutal Response To Lakers Fans Who Vandalized LeBron Mural

The Los Angeles Lakers are getting all the attention these days. Unfortunately, some of the major events include the vandalism in the streets of Los Angeles. Yes, it’s the murals again. Someone keeps destroying the murals painted in honor of LeBron James, and Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has had enough of it.

Everybody is super excited about the new 2018-2019 season. People are making predictions, and even guessing the final result and the ultimate winner. But, some of them are too busy vandalizing murals. According to Jeanie Buss, you can’t be a Laker fan if you destroy these murals.

Is it about the signing of LeBron James? This man is the ultimate NBA star, and some fans just can’t accept that. Maybe it’s Kobe Bryant’s army of fans, who knows… The Lakers needed LeBron’s skills, and Magic Johnson was excited about his contract.

Vandals got their hands on at least two murals of LeBron in the last two weeks. Although one of the murals shows LeBron paying respect to Lakers legends, fans destroyed it.

Jeanie went on Willard and Plaschke, and talked about the defacing of the murals.

“If they’re doing that, then they’re not Laker fans. I guess I just didn’t realize how many people from Boston live in Los Angeles. That’s not a Laker fan, and that’s not what Laker fans stand for. … It’s a shame. I think the artists that have worked hard, their work deserves attention, deserves to be appreciated. Shame on the people who deface that. It’s not right,” she said.

We can’t do anything but agree with her. Buss is fed up with the group of fans who are trying to destroy everything associated with LeBron. The team management made a decision, and fans should respect that. LeBron’s four-year deal was the right thing to be done.

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