Kevin Durant Opens Up About LeBron James’ Historic Move to Lakers

LeBron James’s move enters history, and everybody is talking about his new contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. Yes, King James is the top talk in town, and even Kevin Durant had something to say about it.

Kevin Durant appeared at Variety’s Sports and Entertainment Breakfast and talked about LeBron’s four-year contract with the Lakers. He also talked details about his business with Maverick Carter.

According to Durant, King James made this move while focusing on both entertainment industry opportunity and basketball. “I think really great ones like LeBron have the opportunity to pick both. Have a great basketball environment, but also live in a place to help his business advance. He’s earned that right to make those decisions,” Durant said.

LeBron launched the production company SpringHill Entertainment and Uninterrupted. It produces film, television and digital content, including “Best Shot.”

Variety was the first to report the possibility that James LeBron joins the cast of an unknown comedy.

Kevin Durant praised LeBron’s moving to Los Angeles. He even said that other basketball layers can benefit from watching him build an empire off the court.

“I’m excited he took advantage of this opportunity to be in L.A. and play for the Lakers. It’s great that he decided to take his career to the next step. To be here in L.A. is only good for him and for us basketball players to see that,” Durant added.

He’s one of the many NBA players who supported LeBron’s move. Well, the king just did his job, and fans are raging about his next season. It would be super exciting to see him playing in the new Lakers uniform. This man made the best decision in life, and there’s a huge possibility that he retires in the Lakers uniform. Keep up the excellent job, King James, fans are with you!

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