Kevin Love Unveils How He Found Out About LeBron James’ Lakers Deal

LeBron James decided to take another step and moved to Los Angeles. His departure from Cleveland caused so many changes in the world of basketball, and the Cavs’ game will probably drop. Losing a star as big as LeBron is not the best thing you can hope for, right? Kevin Love knows it.

LeBron had a huge role in the organization, and he carried the Cavaliers for four years. That’s why some players couldn’t believe their ears when they found out about LeBron’s leaving. Kevin Love? He found out about it on the Internet.

When asked about James LeBron, the Cleveland Cavaliers star gave a honest response. And yes, he’s just like us. Love found out about LeBron’s moving to Los Angeles while he was out with friends. Can you imagine that? Learning about one of your biggest losses through the Internet? Crazy! So, Love just checked his phone, and saw the news about LeBron James.


It was a shocking surprise. LeBron decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers, and agreed to a four-year deal. This contract will give him about $154 million. Wow!

NBA stars are human beings after all. They use every benefit of the social media, and yes, that’s how they find out about great news.

How did you find out about the news? You saw it on the Internet, right? The news about LeBron’s departure was all over the Internet. We were waiting for him to make the final decision and he did it. First, he became a free agent, and there were all the rumors about his next suitor. Some said he’d stay with the Cavs. Others were more than sure that LeBron would sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Guess who came out right…

Let’s keep our eyes on social media. Who knows what will happen next…

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