Lakers Fans Hoping To See LeBron Waited at a Blaze Pizza for Hours, Guess What Happened Next

Blaze Pizza was the place to be these days, as these guys used the best way to celebrate the official contract of LeBron James. The star officialized his deal with the Lakers, and the pizza chain gave out free pizzas at each of the Los Angeles locations. The whole thing went on for hours, and things got pretty crazy after LeBron tweeted about the “party.”

The NBA superstar wrote how he hadn’t been to a pizza party in a minute. The “Culver City” addition sealed the deal. LeBron added a thinking face emoji, and this simple tweet drew hundreds of fans to the Blaze Pizza. They really hoped to see him.


Reporters and fans hit the spot.

“No one ever knew if James was going to show up or not. People still lined up starting hours before the promotion started (free pizza was from 2-5 PM),” one of the tweets read.

“Kids made signs to welcome him,” other user wrote.

“Within the last hour of the pizza party, fans began to realize James might not show,” users tweeted.

And he didn’t. King James didn’t appear at the location. Fans were disappointed, but hey, this man has a lot of things on his mind.

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