Proud Father LeBron Shares Big News About His Sons

What’s better than seeing your kids make huge accomplishments? LeBron James is the hottest topic these days, and now we’ll focus on his sons.

LeBron signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and for many fans this is one of the best deals in his NBA career. But, it seems like his sons may be even more successful than him.

The NBA star is proud of his children, and even Zhuri knows how to play basketball. We’ve seen her struggling to make a strong defense.

We were more than positive about LeBron’s departure from Cleveland. We knew that he will base his decision on his family’s needs, and experts shared the same opinion. So, King James moved to Los Angeles, and his family played a huge role in the decision-making process.

The basketball king has two homes in Los Angeles, and Savannah adores every bit of the big city. She spend a lot of time there in order to fix things around their new mansion.

LeBron Jr. and Bryce love Los Angeles, too. Being the son of LeBron James is a huge privilege, and these kids will sure benefit from their father’s decision. Both Bronny and Bryce are big-time basketball players. The Southern California high school basketball competition is on a higher level than the one of Northeast Ohio.


King James announced the great news for his sons. “Great weekend for the #JamesGang!! 2 National Championships. Can’t be more proud of my boys this weekend and their respective teams! Congratulations to you all that’s apart of #NCBC family! Oh and we definitely hear you haters trying to derail us but in the words of the Great Sean Diddy Combs, “Can’t Stop-Won’t Stop,” LeBron wrote in his Instagram post.

Bronny is looking forward to a bright basketball career. We will read about this kid a lot.


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