LeBron James’ Net Worth Explodes After Joining Lakers

LeBron James reached the highest heights, and yes, this man knows how to live life… Can you guess his net worth?
King James was part of the Cleveland family for quite some time, but he decided to change plans, and look for something big.

Big people crave for big things, and LeBron’s deal with the Los Angeles Lakers was more than big. His net worth says it all.

The Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t quite like the fact that their brightest star leaves town. But, they’re absolutely grateful for everything he has done for the team. LeBron was the man that brought the Cavs an awesome reward, and you just can’t forget that, right? You can’t be angry at the man who brought you up.

So, LeBron and his closest family thought it would be better if he signs with the Lakers. The big man agreed to a $154 million contract, and will be playing with his new mates for four years.

The latest contract boosted LeBron’s net worth, and it has now passed the billion dollar mark. The information was confirmed by several sources, including ESPN’s experts.

That’s a nice number. Keep up the good job, King James! You’re doing just fine.

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