LeBron James Spotted in a Hollywood Bar With Kevin Durant and Another GS Player Last Night (VIDEO)

LeBron James seems to be having the time of his life, and yes, this man deserves all the rest he can get. The free agency season was a rather stressful period for him, and LeBron had to make an important decision. But, partying with Kevin Durant? What about all the rivalry you talked about?

LeBron left Cleveland for a higher purpose, and his ambition took him straight to Los Angeles. The NBA star signed a four-year contract with the Lakers, and he will get about $154 million for his signature. So, the ultimate basketball player decided to celebrate his move, and enjoyed some nice time with his family. We saw him in Portofino, and that was an amazing vacation. And now he parties with Kevin Durant.

According to sources, LeBron and Kevin left the Hollywood bar on Wednesday night, and there was this guy that looked pretty much like Draymond Green. We have all the footage and stuff.
The NBA superstars were accompanied by many other athletes, and reporters caught them leaving The Highlight

Room rooftop lounge. Of course, fans were there to greet LeBron, and many of them asked questions. He was welcomed in Los Angeles, and it was nice to see all those people showing interest for his big game in the big city.

Let’s go back to the man in the white hoodie. He’s talking to LeBron, and many swear it’s Draymond. That’s not an official confirmation though.

King James thanked everybody who welcomed him to Los Angeles, and headed straight to his waiting car. Kevin Durant followed him, and we don’t know their final destination.

When reporters tried to talk to Durant, he made it clear he’s not in the mood to talk or anything.

LeBron and Kevin didn’t attend the ESPYs, and we don’t know their reasons for doing so.

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