LOOK: Kevin Durant Releases Major Statement On LeBron James’ Son and It’s Outrageous

It may be the offseason, but this doesn’t stop Golden state Warriors star Kevin Durant from checking up on up-and-coming talents. Yes, this man can spot the best of all stars, and that’s good in so many ways. Durant just knows the kids that are probably going to have a bright future. Yes, he has his eyes on LeBron James’ son.

Kevin Durant is amazed with James Jr.’s star-like shot selection.

“Left to right, wrong foot float. Advanced palate,” Durant wrote in the comment section of the popular Instagram post.

Durant knows how to dissect the game and its brighter aspects. He’s thrilled with this boy’s finish. The star literally said that the kid does things on the basketball court that players his age don’t even dare to do. Good job, kid!

Genes matter, and LeBron also made sure that his son knows how to pull out the best finish. His love for basketball was important, too. It seems like the son will fit well in the league. Let’s just wait until his time is due.

Nobody can deny the fact that LeBron’s son is a talented basketball player. You can see it in his moves. The basketball court likes him. The ball likes him, and so do the fans. Yes, this boy already has fans who recognized his true potential. We can only imagine the popularity he gets within a couple of years. LeBron James is raising a good boy, and that will sure be the best award in his life.

Can you imagine seeing LeBron share the NBA floor with his son? That would be great. Of course, this could happen only if LeBron plays until he’s 40. It would probably be the best match in the entire NBA history. Father and son, competing on the basketball court. So crazy!

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