NFL Insider Gives Stark Warning To Tom Brady And Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots are in the center of events. Again. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick better pay more attention.

The new season is about to start, and the Patriots don’t really have a Super Bowl winning roster. The NFL season is a huge challenge, and we can’t do anything but wonder whether Brady and Belichick will survive it.

NFL Insider Colin Cowherd has a pretty shocking perspective, and we believe that fans won’t really agree with him.

The Patriots came close to the Super Bowl last year, but they couldn’t beat the Philadelphia Eagles. It was an awful clash which triggered an avalanche of events.

Danny Amendola left the team to join the Miami Dolphins and Brandin Cooks is now a member of the LA Rams family.

Is Julian Edelman fit to take the challenge after his ACL injury? Let’s not forget his suspension, too.

Cowherd believes that these changes affect the Patriots roster, and the AFC East giants are probably going to go after their sixth Super Bowl win.

“Danny Amendola, he’s gone. Brandin Cooks, he’s gone. Julian Edelman won’t play until October. They have the weakest receiving core that Tom Brady has ever seen. Busts, has-beens, don’t-knows, it’s a mess. The saving grace for them is that in 16 games they play just five elite quarterbacks,” Cowherd said.

“They’ll win the division because they have the best coach and the best quarterback but this is the weakest roster, offensively. They don’t have a deep threat. They’re going to be choppy and uneven and this is not a Super Bowl winning roster,” he added.

The Patriots will begin their next season with a thrilling home clash against the Houston Texans. September 9 is the big day, and we will see if Cowherd is right. Belichick and Brady won’t like any of this.

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