NFL Is Setting Itself Up for a Disaster This Season

2017 wasn’t a good idea for the National Football League. We saw too many penalties, concussions, torn ACLs, officiating controversies and critical tweets from President Donald Trump. Remember the national anthem thing? Too many players took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner, and many fans jumped ship. The ratings dropped, and the NFL was facing a disaster.

Sources say that the 2018 season could easily make 2017 look like a football nirvana. What’s happening with the NFL? It seems like things will become a lot worse, and there are several reasons for us to think this way.


The anthem controversy is still here. dozens of players took a knee during the anthem, and the President took aim at the league for allowing this. What did organizers do? They said ‘no’ to kneeling and sitting, but players were allowed to remain in the locker room. This backfired, and there were critics from both sides.

“I think in many respects that’s worse. Isn’t that worse than not standing? You know? I think that’s worse. You know what? It doesn’t play. It doesn’t play. I actually think in many ways it’s worse,” President Trump said during one of his recent campaign rallies.

Let’s not forget the referee roster issue. Officiating is major target for critics, and according to Mike Freeman, the NFL officiating is “broken.”

“The officiating has been awful all year. It may not be the worst we’ve ever seen, but if it isn’t, it’s damn close,” he said.

The rulebook is another problem. It’s too convoluted, and nothing works in favor of the league. The overwritten rules led to a poor consistency from officials ruling on receptions.

Again, what’s the problem with the League? Things are getting out of control, and everything points to the fact that it could get worse


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