Patriots Are In Top 10th Most Valuable Sports Franchises on the Planet

The New England Patriots rock. Yes, you read that right. Bill Belichick and the guys are doing an excellent job with the scores, and they keep getting awards. But, something else caught everyone’s attention, and it’s Forbes’ list of Most Valuable Sports Franchises. Being ranked on a Forbes list says a lot about you, right?

So, the Pats ended up being ranked sixth overall, and this Forbes didn’t come as a surprise.
The valuations for each NFL team were completed at the very beginning of the 2017 NFL season. The New England Patriots are valued ad $3.7 billion, and are the second-most valuable NFL franchise right behind the Dallas Cowboys.

The Patriots ranked in the sixth position for three straight years. In 2015 they settled in position number three. The Cowboys are accompanied by three soccer clubs in Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. The New York Yankees are in the top 5, too.

The New England Patriots made quite a distance between their franchise and the New York Knicks. The Knicks ranked seventh. The New York Giants and Los Angeles Lakers ranked eight, and the Golden State Warriors and the Washington football club go for the brilliant 10th.

Forbes says that the valuation for the three soccer clubs rises at a higher speed than the Pats.

Pats team owner Robert Kraft is supervising the growth in valuation of the soccer clubs. Sources say he’s trying to buy the team Sevilla in the same group as Real Madrid and Barcelona. Will Sevilla be thrilled if Robert Kraft brings the Pats level of success to their La Liga? I bet they will.

So, will the Patriots try even harder this time? Who knows, maybe they will go straight to the top. We all know why. The team is awesome, and so is its leadership.

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