Photos: LeBron James Mural Featuring Kobe Bryant, Other Lakers Legends Vandalized

Haters just can’t get enough of the excitement they get every time they destroy a LeBron mural. What’s wrong with these guys? We don’t have any info on the vandals who wander in the streets of Los Angeles destroying murals. It’s art, people. Brilliant art in honor of this awesome man whose career is something you’re probably jealous of.

So, yes, that’s exactly what happened another LA mural featuring King James was vandalized. A Twitter user ThatHollywoodGuy posted the photo of the destroyed mural. The photo shows an ugly white paint streak over LeBron’s likeness. “I went to visit the mural with one of my bestfriends @jamtjohnson and this was what we saw first thing this morning. Haters have struck again,” the tweet read.

It’s sad to see something like this happening these days. People are just full of hate, and they can’t find any other way to cope with their frustrations.


Is it because of LeBron’s departure from Cleveland? Maybe.

This particular mural also features Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain. So, what made these vandals reach for their paint and cross over LeBron?

This is just another vandalized mural in the row. You remember that one, right? So sad.


LeBron James played four seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and thought it was time for a big change. The brilliant basketball player entered his free agency with a huge plan on his mind. Everyone was so shocked when he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Some are made because of this, calling him traitor. But, the man did the right thing for his career. He’s all about awards and accomplishments, and the Cavs are far away from that.

Being a member of the Lakers family is awesome in so many levels, and we all support the king. He knows what he’s doing.

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