Report: LeBron James Reached Out To Kobe Before Making Lakers Decision

LeBron James decided to go with the Los Angeles Lakers, and it seems like he had a very good reason to do so. King James signed a four-year contract. Guess who cheered to this decision… It was the Big Kobe.

Kobe Bryant expressed his full support for LeBron’s decision to join the Lakers. Well, it sure seems like he was excited about the whole deal thing, but you have to admit it, Kobe knew something about it beforehand.

Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins said James had a phone conversation with LeBron on the phone, and this happened before he met with Magic Johnson.

“James has slow-pedaled his last two free-agent decisions, but from the moment his private plane landed at Van Nuys Airport in L.A. on Saturday, he was proceeding with unusual urgency. He met with Paul extensively Saturday and planned communication with the Cavs, Sixers and Lakers. But he was clearly focused on the new home team. He talked with Kobe Bryant over the phone and invited Magic Johnson to his house in Brentwood. Late Saturday night, Johnson walked through the door,” Jenkins said.

Did Kobe help LeBron to make his final decision?

“We’ve always competed against one another and we always wanted to dethrone each other. But we always had that mutual respect because we knew how much we put into the game. I’ve always voiced my opinion about Kobe, how great Kobe is, and obviously there will never be another one of him in our league. Ever,” James said back in 2015.
James also said that he wanted to be like Kobe in high school, and he even had the same hairstyle.

“In high school I wore a nappy afro because of Kobe Bryant. I always said my inspiration came from Jordan, but I always thought Jordan was so out of this world that I could never get there. Kobe was someone that I just always kind of wanted to be like and play like. And then, just being a competitor, he took me to that next level, and understanding how important competition is and just have a willingness to never die,” James said.

Yes, that’s exactly what happened.


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