Report: Walton’s Level Of Contract With LeBron Unveiled

LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, and this was one of the best deals in the NBA history. King James had a few good reasons to make this decision, and Luke Walton wasn’t any of that.

Sources reveal that Walton wasn’t the reason LeBron flew to Los Angeles. No, he wasn’t the decision-making factor. Not at all.

Jordan Schultz says that the NBA star didn’t even meet the Lakers head coach during his recruitment process. It was days after the big announcement, and the meeting hadn’t happen yet.

“A source close to A so #LeBron tells me that Bron had zero contact w/#Lakers head coach Luke Walton throughout the Lakers’ entire recruitment process. ‘LeBron never met Luke at all,’ source says — and they still have not met. Walton will be James’ seventh full-time NBA head coach,” Schultz said.

James played for many head coaches, and Walton will be the seventh NBA head coach in his career.

It’s a fact that LeBron brings pressure everywhere he goes. Coaches feel the pressure to win, and those who lose get fired.

When James LeBron agreed to head to Los Angeles, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith asked Brian Windhorst if there’s a possibility to fire Walton for ultimate head coach Phil Jackson if the team gets off to a slow start. Windhorst denied the claim.

“When it comes to Phil Jackson, this I can say unequivocally: LeBron does not like Phil Jackson; has no interest in him; has taken direct jabs at him before; does not like the way he treated Carmelo Anthony; maybe has respect for his accomplishments but certainly does not respect the way he looks at the game right now,” he said.

Jackson won’t come back as a head coach. So, what will happen next… Everything will be just fine, and the team will head in the right direction.

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