Rob Gronkowski Gets Retirement Advice From Hollywood Actor

It’s Gronkowski again, folks. The New England Patriots star received career changing advice, and it involves the word ‘retirement.’ The tight end found himself in the center of all events, and we can’t forget the incident with the Bills hat. So, what happens to this retirement possibility?

Gronkowski has had a few serious injuries which made him think of retiring earlier this year. But, he changed his mind, and informed everyone that he will play the 2018 season. What did Wahlberg say about his retirement plans?
“Hey, you do what’s right for you. Think about the next 20, 30 years, ya know? Having your health?” Wahlberg said.
Wahlberg is a Boston sports fan, but this didn’t stop him from giving this advice.

Gronk wanted to know about the movie he’s working on, and Wahlberg said he was working on “a movie with the guys that did Daddy’s Home called Instant Family.”

We’re doing that now and then we’re doing Six Billion Dollar Man. So if you retire, we gotta put you in this movie, baby,” Wahlberg said. Guess what Gronk said next?

“I like that,” he responded. Can you imagine seeing him in a movie? That would be hilarious at so many levels.

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