Terrell Owens Backtracks On Calling Patriots ‘Cheaters’ (VIDEO)

The New England Patriots are definitely one of the most successful teams in the National Football League. The team has strong composition, and the number of their awards grows bigger with every year that goes by. The team has lost some of its key players, but their roster is strong enough to endure the Super Bowl challenge. Well, Terrell Owens doesn’t think that way.

The former NFL wide receiver irritated the Patriots fans with the latest video of him calling the team “cheaters.” He used the same word for quarterback star Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. Now it turns out that Terrell Owens was just joking. Yeah, right.

Owens was having a round of basketball with the ex-NBA guard Sam Cassell.

“I beat you, Sam. I beat you. I beat you. I ain’t cheat you. You sound like the Patriots. I don’t care about the Patriots, Belichick, Brady — they cheaters. They cheated. They cheated,” Owens said in the background. This was a real disgrace for him as a professional athlete. Insults are never allowed, especially if the person you insult is better than you.

Owens did a mini-interview a little later, and he was asked for an explanation. According to him, this was just a joke following the hot debate over Tom Brady and Joe Montana.

“It was tongue and cheek. What they’ve accomplished — you can’t take anything away from what they’ve done,” Owens said. Do you even trust this guy?

Owens was referring to the Super Bowl XXXIX, and the Patriots defeated him at the time. They were also better than Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid. Is this why Owens is still mad?

Maybe his bitterness will dissolve over time, who knows… Calling an award-winning team ‘cheaters’ is the last thing one should do. Keep this in mind, Owens!

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