Watch: Tom Brady Had Hilarious Reaction To Spotting A Bear In Montana

Isn’t Instagram crazy? When was the last time you checked Tom Brady’s account? It’s time to go there and see some nice things. If Instagram is to be trusted, then we can freely say that Brady has a lot of fun in the mountains.
Brady used to spend most of his time with receivers. Now he decided to change some things, and we can see him spend more time with his wife, children, parents, and a bear.

Can you imagine meeting a big old bear? This can happen to everyone, and the professional quarterback had a nice addition to his mountain adventure. Luckily, there was no incident, and everything went well.

Brady knows how to have fun, and his Instagram story is a ‘must see.’ The quarterback shared another video of a serious hail falling on the back porch. There were also videos of the quarterback taking a couple of mulligans off the tea during the golf game.

Gisele’s husband wished his mother a happy birthday in the best way possible. “Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to the best Mom a son could ask for!” the caption read.

Brady spends some quality time with his lovely family. He will be going to the Patriots training camp at the end of the month. So, he would really use well that fresh air.

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