Tom Brady Opens Up About Bridget Moynahan’s Pregnancy

Tom Brady is an excellent husband and father of three kids. He has two kids with Gisele Bundchen, and a son with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. Bridget announced her pregnancy at the same time Brady officialized his relationship with Gisele Bundchen.

Brady has an awesome marriage. “Oh man, every possible way, it really has. I couldn’t imagine a better partner for me in my life, what I’ve gone through, how she supports me, the mom she is to our kids,” Brady said of Gisele. But, what happened with Bridget?

“[Gisele] had five sisters and I had three sisters, so it’s a lot of women. And, you know, she comes from a different country, you know, and to move to New York when she was 17 and, you know, we met each other under pretty trying circumstances. And I think in a lot of ways that really challenging experience brought us together, in a very tight way,” the quarterback added.

Many said that his relationship with Gisele was fake. I mean, yes, Bridget was really carrying his baby at the time, but the man fell in love. You can’t plan that. And yes, he had already put an end to his relationship with Moynahan.

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