Tom Brady’s Ex-Girlfriend Broke Her Silence About Her Son Living With Brady

Tom Brady is married with Gisele Bundchen, and they have two children together. But, Brady has another son with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. The 9-year-old Jack is a happy kid, and now he’s living with his mom in New York.

It seems like Jack will go in a completely different direction. He won’t be a football player, and Brady’s ex-girlfriend said he won’t follow in either of their footsteps.

“I think right now he wants to be a professional soccer player. Though after the Olympics he’s like, ‘I think I’m going to win a gold in swimming. Then it was Michael Phelps. So I think he just likes awards,” Bridget said during her appearance on Live with Kelly.

It seems like everyone in the family goes after awards. The elder Brady will compete in his seventh Super Bowl, and that’s actually an NFL record. If the Pats win, the quarterback will be a quarterback with the most Super Bowl titles in the history of sports.

Moynahan supported Brady during the entire time they were together. In 2015, she even tweeted congratulations to her ex-boyfriend after the fourth Super Bowl victory.

Moynahan and Brady broke up in December 2006. She announced her pregnancy a month later. Brady had already officialized his relationship with Gisele at that time, and got married in 2009.

Bridget is in love again. She’s happily married to businessman Andrew Frankel. They got married in 2015. “I finally figured it out in my forties that when it works, it works. There doesn’t have to be drama,” she said.

There you do.

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