4 Reasons the Cavs Can Actually Surprise the NBA Without LeBron

LeBron James left the Cavs to become free agent and eventually sign a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. But, it seems like Cleveland is ready to take the challenge and even surprise the NBA.

There are a few good reasons that can bring the Cavs high in the league. Don’t dismiss these guys too early.


4. Depth
Cleveland Cavaliers may have lost LeBron, but they do have a few deadly lineups. Kevin Love is here as the stretch center. Jordan Clarkson has ability to score, and he will sure make for a valuable bench player. The rest of the players have large roles, including the ones of George Hill and Larry Nance Jr.

3. Experience
Fans thought that LeBron carried the young Cavs, but their experience is real, and we shouldn’t take them for granted. Some Cavs went through a run to the NBA Finals, and some of them had four. That should say a lot about the team. All that effort and adversity will sure help the players score a few more points.


2. The young force
You may think that the young players don’t have much impact, but everything points to the fact that they can make a lot of noise. Collin Sexton has enough skills to be the difference maker on the offensive end. Cedi Osman is getting better with every day that goes by. Young players can easily become mature with a balanced roster and all the opportunities they get.

1. Kevin love
It’s the name you will hear about in the next period. Kevin Love is now the centerpiece of the team, and we all remember his awesome performance. Remember what happened in the game with the Minnesota Timberwolves? Wonder if Love is able to replicate the performances? Probably. Leading the Cavs to the playoffs puts quite a pressure on him, but he will make it. Let’s wait and see how is he going to handle the organization.

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