Athletics OF Ramon Laureano Without Question Delivers Throw of the Year (VIDEO)

Ramon Laureano makes everything look so easy, and his throw was out of this world. We will definitely remember his game action on Saturday night.

The rookie center fielder amazed everybody with his extraordinary catch, and then made the throw. Oh, Ramon Laureano sure knows how to throw.

Team manager Bob Melvin was amazed, too. “About as good as it gets,” he said after the 7-0 win over the Angels.

Laureano raced 76 feet in 4.4 seconds to run it down, turned and fired the bowl from the warning track to first baseman Mark Canha and doubled up Eric Young Jr.

“The catch, I know I’ve made it before, but the throw is pretty crazy. I don’t even know what to say. It was a crazy play, a crazy moment. I was shocked. It’s kind of like I just caught it and I’m like, ‘Damn, I’m the only one that has a shot I guess,’ so I just threw it,” Laureano said.

Starter Edwin Jackson was just there with his hands frozen in the air. “I knew he had it in him, but he plays like that, if they don’t get you fired up, then I don’t know what does as a pitcher,” Jackson said.

This throw is something other players should learn from. “That’s the best throw I’ve ever seen, at least the farthest throw I’ve ever seen on the line. I was ready to be the cutoff man, and he probably didn’t even see me,” shortstop Marcus Semien said.

Experts already agree that this is the throw of the year. The outfielder just did his thing, and the team may have a possible playoff appearance this October. Their latest game was wonderful, and nice things may happen on the field. Let’s see how will the outfielder play next time.

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