Bill Belichick Breaks Silence About His Relationship With Tom Brady At Today’s Press

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is fed up with the speculations about the tension between him and quarterback Tom Brady.

We’ve heard so much about their relationship. It all started with the report in January according to which the friendship between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady went bad. This triggered an avalanche of reactions, and fans have followed each of their moves.

The speculation didn’t end with the alleged tension between these two. There were also stories about the problems between team owner Robert Kraft and the other guys.

But, Belichick probably added fuel to the fire during his interview on WEEI’s “Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.”

“Look, 19 years is 19 years. Any relationship is going to evolve over that period of time, which ours has. We still do basically the same things we’ve done for quite a period of time now. I don’t see that changing,” the head coach said.

When asked about the tension between him and Brady, Belichick gave… an interesting response. “I have a good relationship with Tom. I have a lot of respect for Tom. We’ve won a lot of games together and I hope we can win some more together. I know he feels the same way,” he said.

Brady and the Pats head coach are goal-driven individuals. They have their focus on one main thing, and 19 years is a really, really long time. They probably had arguments and stuff. You can’t just go to a practice or a game and just smile and everything. You can’t agree with others on everything. Everyone has their own opinion, and this is enough for an argument to develop. But, Brady is still in the team, and he doesn’t even think of going anywhere. Retiring is the last thing on his list. His wife Gisele Bundchen knows it best.

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