Bill Belichick Reveals Why Patriots Haven’t Filled 90th Roster Spot

The New England Patriots achieved so much in the last few years, thanks to head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. But, what about the open roster spot?

The roster spot became open after wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell was released. Why haven’t the Pats filled this spot yet? There are still some great players on the open market. Dez Bryant, Jeremy Maclin, Navarro Bowman and Orleans Darkwa are still available.

Head coach Belichick can give us the answer to our questions.

“I’d say a combination of if there was a situation where we thought there was somebody we would want on the team at that spot, then we’d put them on there. If there wasn’t somebody that stood out in that way to us for, again, whatever the reasons are — I’m not saying the player isn’t good enough — maybe we just don’t have a spot for him at the position that he is at. Sometimes there are players out there that you wouldn’t mind adding on to your roster if you had a spot at the right position. Sometimes you end up adding players to your roster that you wouldn’t necessarily want to add to your roster but you need them and then you can put them into a competitive mix due to your lack of depth at that position,” Belichick said.

According to him, it’s nice to have an open spot. In this way you can use whenever something happens. Not having an open spot when opportunities strike forces you to create a spot. Simple as that. Belichick is right.

Pats don’t really have a huge power at their wide receiver spot. But, their group of healthy players is pretty deep. Things are looking great for the team, and they have a real chances of winning the Super Bowl.

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