Bill Belichick Talks About Alex Guerrero’s Status With The Patriots

Tom Brady’s body coach Alex Guerrero was the reason for so many speculations on the New England Patriots.

First, Patriots fans said that Guerrero is the reason for the growing tension between head coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Then, we saw Brady’s body coach flying with the team to Carolina.

Yes, Brady’s trainer and business partner was seen taking the same plane with the Patriots. He lost this benefit last year, and was denied access to the team. Guerrero wasn’t even allowed to accompany the Patriots on their charters.
Tom Brady didn’t want to respond any questions about his coach, and hung up during the interview with Kirk and Callahan. Well, Kirk really pressed him.

The head coach declined to comment on Guerrero’s status, too. “I’m not going to get into all of the responsibilities of all of the people in our organization. We’d be here for a month going through all of that,” Belichick said.

Belichick also appeared on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni and Fauria program, and finally gave a few details about all the Guerrero-related changes in the team.

“He’s not a member of the organization,” Belichick said, via “He works at TB12. I think we’re all aware of that. We have people in our traveling party, some are in the organization, most are, and some aren’t. We have people in various capacities that work with us on gameday, and again, every team has that. We have that too. Again, you need some extra people on gameday. Video department, there could be specialty people on the medical staff, security and so forth. We have other people who are — some are full-time, some are let’s call it gameday-type employees because of just higher demands of certain areas on gameday,” the head coach said.

It seems like some of the problems are solved, and there’s no tension between Belichick and Brady. The question is next. Was there a tension at all?

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