Brian Griese Talks About Meeting Tom Brady For The First Time In College

We’ve been hearing a lot about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. This time NFL quarterback Brian Griese went on “The Adam Schefter Podcast,” and talked about his encounter with Brady. Let’s not forget that Brady and Griese were teammates in the Pats team.

“When I first met Tom, he had long hair to his shoulders and he had just come from California. All of us in the locker room thought he was a going to be this surfer dude,” Brian Griese said of Brady.

But, things didn’t develop in the way he planned. Griese realized that Brady is much more than a surfer. Brady played in four games during Michigan’s 1997 national championship run, and Griese already knew that he will be a successful player.

“He would take the script, he and Scot Loeffler, and they would run through the entire practice together. Tommy would grab a couple freshmen receivers, and they would go through every play, every adjustment, and every blitz. They’d be out there for an hour after everybody else was gone off the field,” Griese said.

“I had gone in and taken a shower, done a couple of interviews. I’m leaving, and there’s Tommy out on the field running through the whole script. There was no question in anybody’s mind, I don’t think, pretty early on that Tommy was going to be a success,” he added.

Well, Griese made a good point back then. Tom Brady is one of the greatest players in the league, and he won’t go anywhere in near future. Brady may be 40+, but he has a lot more to offer. The quarterback will enter his 19th season with the Pats, and that sure means a lot. The regular season will be full of surprises, and Brady will sure help his teammates win another championship.

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