Britt McHenry Gives Sickest Reason Ever For Trump To Call LeBron ‘Stupid’

Britt McHenry should think twice before making any comments related to the sitting President of the United States and the NBA Star James LeBron.

Yes, we’re referring to the comments President Trump made, calling LeBron ‘stupid.’ But, why did Britt McHenry do this?

So, President Donald Trump reached out and called King James ‘stupid.’ This happened right after the NBA star opened the academy for at-risk students in his hometown. Many fans agree that this was nothing but a lack of respect for LeBron. I mean, this man did the best thing for his community, and deserves all the respect in this world.

Instead of praising the basketball player for his gesture, President Trump called him names, and the ex-ESPN reporter excused him. In the worst way ever, of course.

According to McHenry, President Trump did a good thing to criticize LeBron. You can’t even imagine her reasons to think this way.

“Not so long ago, LeBron James called @realDonaldTrump a ‘bum’ & has repeatedly maligned Trump. Rhetoric goes both ways. If LeBron doesn’t want the President to ‘divide,’ perhaps stop using divisive rhetoric to attack him in interviews and Twitter,” McHenry tweeted. Wow.

Remember why LeBron called Trump a ‘bum?’ He did so because the President disinvited Steph Curry from the White House, and did it in the rudest gesture ever. This doesn’t mean that the President should insult those who try to uplift society’s weakest groups.

McHenry forgot this tiny detail. LeBron James isn’t the President of the United States. He’s a basketball player. Trump leads the free world, and he’s the President.

“@BrittMcHenry doesn’t it make you scratch your head just a little bit that POTUS is tweeting about Lebron at midnight on Friday? Not even a little bit? Is a catfight with an NBA player really the number one thing on his to do list?” Dave Franklin responded to McHenry’s tweet.

There you go.

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