Bronny James Is Throwing Down Dunks With Ease Just Like His Father (VIDEO)

LeBron James Jr. is the name you will hear about in near future. King James’ son is doing an excellent job on the basketball court, and he’s already winning championships. Bronny is the next NBA star.

Bronny had his first public dunk, and it seems like he’s getting too good at that. Is there such a thing? Being too good at dunks? I don’t think so.

LeBron Jr. spend the a weekend at Jeff Capel’s select camp in Pittsburgh, and he is now taking his dunk game to a whole different level.


The 13-year-old boy has no issues here, and yes, his game is pretty serious. Nothing like the stuff you see in regular high school game.

Bronny will attend the Crossroads School in Santa Monica, and there’s a bright future ahead of him.

LeBron James is a proud father. He knows that his son has skills and talent. “It’s been a treat to watch, being a parent and seeing my son grow as a basketball player. But not only that, being a young man who he is today; the kid will be 14 soon. Just seeing him grow and grow and grow to become who he is today has been a treat,” he said.

“I think from the burden of him having the name itself, I think him understanding that just go out and just play the game and have fun and play for your teammates and give it all you’ve got. You play hard, you play smart and have fun, and let everything else take care of itself,” the king of basketball added.

LeBron is well aware of the fact that his son won’t go through the same problems as he did as kid. He’s the best coach for Bronny, because he has tasted almost every obstacle on the road.


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