Channing Frye Makes Bold Assumption About Cleveland’s Gameplay Without LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers will proceed in the new season without LeBron James. Channing Frye even warned the Los Angeles Lakers about the game that’s waiting for them now that the greatest basketball player has joined the team.

According to Channing Frye, playing with the king is an overwhelming experience. “I think with LeBron you put a lot of onus on him to create for other people and now because our team is half young, half old. And I think a lot of us, especially in that second unit, like the blueprint that we have. We want to build on that and I’ve already talked to the coaching staff,” Frye said.

Frye is one of the very few people with a perspective on the upcoming game of the Lakers and Cleveland. Frye was a member of the Cavaliers championship team in 2016, and was traded to the Lakers in February. When asked about the Cavaliers game without LeBron, Frye gave a detailed answer.

“The first time him leaving was one thing. But the second time the team was way more prepared. I think the fact they still gave Kevin that big contract, they’re trying to sign some young up and coming guys. We have a nice solid core of guys that have been in the trenches but are still growing themselves. It’s going to be awesome to see. I think the Cleveland fans are going to be surprised because everyone doesn’t take us seriously. But I think they forgot, yeah, LeBron is amazing. But we have the same team from four years ago. We have the same team that went to the Finals four years in a row we just got a lot younger. It’s not like these guys don’t know how to win,” Frye said.

Well, Frye may be right. Let’s see how will things turn for the Cavs this season.

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