Colin Cowherd Explains Why Tom Brady Is The ‘Ultimate NFL QB’

Tom Brady is the ultimate quarterback in the National Football League, and everyone knows this, including Colin Cowherd.

The New England Patriots quarterback is often ranked as one of the best players in the league. But, you won’t be able to say this only by looking at his salary. What does Colin Cowherd think about this?

Tom Brady’s base salary for 2018 is $15 million, and this doesn’t even reach the top 15 of the NFL’s quarterback salaries. The 41-year-old quarterback can increase his salary after his contract was reconstructed. The incentives, remember? But, this doesn’t even bring him closer to Matt Ryan’s salary? Ryan will earn $29.25 million. Alex Smith will get $40 million and Jimmy Garoppolo’s earnings will jump as high as $42.6 million.


Colin Cowherd gave Brady the title of “the ultimate NFL QB” due to his below-value deal for the next season and the pay cuts. Cowherd explained his opinion during his appearance of The Herd on Fox Sports 1.

Tom Brady has played with the New England Patriots for 18 seasons. This granted the team salary cap flexibility. Brady has talent and skills, which makes the Pats roster strong and powerful. Brady is a football veteran, and his career is one of the brightest in the entire NFL.

The Patriots claimed five championships in their eight Super Bowl appearances. Brady has a huge role in the team’s organization. Head coach Bill Belichick trusts him despite all the speculations about the tension between them. The quarterback is doing his best to bring the game to an upper level, and he won’t retire in near future. He will stick with the Pats in the next few years. That’s good news for the team, as they get more chance to win the Super Bowl. Seems awesome, right? Let’s see what happens in the next few months.

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